The Never Ending Cry Fest

I’m 28 years old and I just watched “The NeverEnding Story” for the very first time. I know…


I really feel like I’m at a disadvantage for watching it as an adult. This movie is cray. (Spoilers ahead – just in case you are a loser like me and STILL haven’t seen this movie.)

A few observations:

  1. That flying dog guy is creepy to the max. I know he’s meant to be happy and friendly, but when he laughs I see nightmares in my future.
  2. There are no famous people in this movie and it’s supposedly a classic. Psshhh. Oh, wait. It did have that one dude from “House of Cards”, so there’s that.
  3. The animatronics are AMAZING, but I felt like I was watching a lip-syncing train wreck. Why do the words not match the lips?! That horse that died was my favorite, because he didn’t talk. Is that why that part made me so sad?
  4. Atreyu + The Empress = That’s a love story I would watch. They would make beautiful babies.
  5. Why is there so much crying?!


Seriously, though. I’m kinda glad I didn’t see this as a kid, because it is messed up and creepy. What’s that you say? There is a sequel?! Nope to the hundredth power.

My official reaction:


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