Bueller. Bueller?

Like most of the movies on the list, I really have no good excuse for not having seen “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” other than I’m an idiot. It’s only been five minutes and I already want to watch it again! Here’s a few things I yelled at the TV while watching:

-Holy Matthew Broderick!
-Oh look, it’s that chick from “Dirty Dancing”! (I just saw that for the first time last year.)


-“Bueller. Bueller?” Now I get it!
-This Mr. Rooney guy is a creep. Ewww.
-Look at that computer!
-And wait, is that a payphone?!
-I can’t believe I’ve never watched this before. It’s adorable!
-What kind of a name is Sloane for a girl?!


-That car!
-I’ll marry you Ferris Bueller… Sigh. 
-Parades should be like this in real life!


-Whoa! It’s Charlie Sheen! And he’s playing himself from the future.
-No, Cameron! Not the car! Oh, boy.
-So many unrealistic things going on with this race home scene, but Imma just go with it.
-Awww. What a cute ending. Ferris is kind of a brat though, right?


My official rating:


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