Party Time! Excellent!


I just spent my evening watching this masterpiece… And while it did fry some brain cells, I sorta found myself relating to Wayne and Garth in some ways. (Gasp!) Lemme explain…

-They dance awkwardly. I dance awkwardly. *FOXY*


-I only have like, one reaction to everything… JUST LIKE THEY DO! (Well, sometimes I say “awesome” too.)


-This is what I do when someone points a camera at me too!


-The great sadness of a bad hairdo hairdon’t. I feel your pain, Garth!


-They are the WORST at avoiding eye contact with people they don’t want to talk to. Ditto.


-They love pizza, so do I. Pizza Hut, FTW!


-And Doritos! Are we like, soul mates?




Sure. Call me weird. But deep down you know we’re all just a little bit like Wayne and Garth on the inside. Strange, awkward, naive, and dying to have our own cable access show on Channel 10.

My official rating:


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One thought on “Party Time! Excellent!

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