Milton Waddam for President

Wanna know what my favorite part about watching “Office Space” for the first time was? This guy:


No, but for realz. Milton Waddam is DABEST.  He’s just a quiet guy who doesn’t ask for much. To illustrate, I’ve made some images for you in Microsoft Paint. (So fancy!)

1) All Milton wants is to listen to the radio at a reasonable volume from 9 to 11.


2) All Milton wants is a freakin’ piece of cake at office celebrations.


3) All Milton wants is an office with a window. (Like, I’m such an artist.)


4) All Milton wants is a drink without salt.


5) And finally, all Milton wants is his red Swingline stapler that doesn’t bind up as much.


There were other things I loved about this movie, obvs. Like those other dudes and the big white computers with giant monitors. Oh and now I actually get the Lumbergh Meme! In fact, I made one just for you guys:


Anywho, the next time I get a “case of the Mondays” I’m going to pull out this movie OR just take a baseball bat to a printer…

My official rating:


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