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Romancing the Whoa

After a few weeks of classics that just really didn’t do it for me, I was delightfully surprised by a young Michael Douglas “Romancing the Stone”. But seriously, let’s just take a moment to look at this photo:

Yes. Apparently, I WAS around in 1984 and I never tanned my face. Moving on…

Here are some of my favorite moments from “Romancing the Stone”:

-When the young Michael Douglas was like “Just kidding, carry your own luggage”. And I was all like, “What a jerk!”.

-Then the young, arrogant Michael Douglas (and that other person) slid down the muddy hillside. “That’s what you get!”, I yelled at the TV.

-But then whatsherface see’s an obviously staged skeleton and the young, arrogant, sensitive Michael Douglas comforts her.

-Next, the young, arrogant, sensitive, educated Michael Douglas reads an old copy of Rolling Stone to that one chick while they inhale cannabis over an open flame.

-Then, the young, arrogant, sensitive, educated, nervous, Michael Douglas tries to negotiate his way out of a sticky situation.

-Oh, yeah. And then Danny DeVito shows up a few times. Doesn’t he know that the young, arrogant, sensitive, educated, nervous Michael Douglas isn’t just “some guy”?

-Later, the young, arrogant, sensitive, educated, nervous, suave Michael Douglas puts the moves on the crazy cat lady. Whoa.

-And I almost forgot! They found some fancy stone.

-Lastly, the young, arrogant, sensitive, educated, nervous, suave, loaded Michael Douglas and plain Jane live happily ever after.

Though it’s probably one of the cheesier movies on the list, I truly enjoyed my first watch of “Romancing the Stone”. Bravo to Michael Douglas who also produced this film!

My official reaction:

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The Bad News in a Good Way


It’s been almost 3 weeks since I first watched “Robin Hood: Men in Tights” and I just haven’t been inspired to write this blog. (Whomp, whomp.) BUT, since I’ve promised to blog about each movie classic I watch, no matter how much I like (or dislike) it…

Here’s the bad news in a good way:

This film was not my cup of tea, but that one guy from “The Princess Bride” is. He’s pretty great.


That’s it. That’s all I got. Oh, and didn’t I hear that Mel Brooks has EGOT status? …I guess there’s somethings we’ll all just have to agree to disagree on.

My official rating:


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