Sometimes Dead IS Better


Keeping with the horror movie theme for October, I decided to watch “Pet Sematary” for the first time. I’ve heard about this movie my whole life, so I confidently chose it out of the sea of scary movies on Netflix. I mean, 2 ½ stars can’t be wrong, right?! (Ha.)

Despite it’s cheap, made-for-tv approach, I appreciated “Pet Sematary” for at least adhering to a few scary movie truths…

1) Moving into an OLD house in a NEW town is BAD juju.


2) Foreshadowing is key.


3) Creepy neighbors know all the creepy secrets.


4) Foggy paths into the woods are no bueno.


5) Undead animals are not cute.


6) Undead kids are not cute.


7) Aaaaaaand undead spouses are not cute.


There were a lot of disappointing things about “Pet Sematary”, but I was most disappointed that this movie wasn’t actually about a pet cemetery. I imagined that there would be lots of cute zombie animals running around and causing mischief. But, nope. Just one ugly cat and a buncha gross stuff.

My official reaction:

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3 thoughts on “Sometimes Dead IS Better

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  2. Loved the book. Saw the movie with Mom & my best Friend Kevin. I thought it was funny. The book freaked me out so much… the movie was just… not scary


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