True Bromance

Recently I watched “True Romance” at the request of one of my coworkers who kindly supplied me with a well-loved DVD copy with his name Sharpied across the front. While I did find it quite entertaining and a nice way to spend a Sunday evening on the couch, the most interesting thing about “True Romance” was/is the almost unanimous reactions I got from my male friends when I told them it was the next thing to watch on my list:

“I LOVE this film.”
“So good. So so good.”
“Everyone who is anyone is in it.”
“One of the best cult classics of all time.”
“It’s possibly the best movie ever made.”

Um, yeah. Way to set a girl up for disappointment. Don’t get me wrong. I didn’t hate it! I just… fail to see how it could be considered THAT good. So, after a little head scratching and soul searching and an entire package of Oreos (no shame), I have compiled a short list of why I think dudes love this movie.

1) Errrrbody is in it. Seriously.

Christian Slater (What happened to him anyways?). Patricia Arquette (Swoon). Brad Pitt (Underutilized). Christopher Walken (Always a creep). Dennis Hopper (Like a boss). Gary Oldman (Dread head). Samuel L. Jackson (For 5 seconds). James Gandolfini (R.I.P.). Val Kilmer (Wait. I didn’t see Val in this movie?!). And a whole buncha other peeps who are in a whole buncha other movies that I don’t know by name. 

2) Patricia Arquette as Alabama Whitman. ❤


3) Clarence and Alabama are sorta Bonnie and Clyde. They’re so adorable and then, without warning, they are so brutally ruthless. Blood everywhere!

Exhibit A: Adorbs.


Exhibit B: Clarence be trippin’.


Exhibit C: Alabama puts on her crazy pants one leg at a time.


4) That one super intense scene. I’ve started having nightmares about Christopher Walken dancing to Fatboy Slim and then shooting me to death.


5) Elvis as a sort of mentor/coach/devil on your shoulder. (Oh, wait! I’ve just realized that Val Kilmer was Elvis. Found ‘em!)


Maybe I have to be a dude to truly appreciate the awesomeness that is “True Romance”. Maybe this movie is just too cool for me. Either way, no regrets.

Thanks for the lend, G!

My official reaction:


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