Big Ba-da Boom!

I’ve just finished my first watch of “The Fifth Element” and big ba-da boom, was it fun! I must admit that the first 15 minutes had me a bit skeptical because, well, those strange aliens that waddled around slowly like they had full diapers.


Super weird. In fact, for the first ½ of the movie, I felt like a fly on the wall at comic-con. So many crazy costumes!

There were lots of neato, futuristic things throughout the movie that made me wish it was 2263 already! Here’s a few of my favorites:

1) Flying cars, yo! Zoom zoom.


2) This crazy awesome makeup machine. Less mess and more sleeping in!


3) Magic microwaves. Full-on meals in 5, 4, 3, 2, gimme dat chicken.


4) This Chinese Food-to-Window delivery service would be acceptable too.


5) Super cute alien-elephant pets. So squeezable! Not helpful when choking, however. You’ll be on your own for that one.


6) The Popo MUST dress like this in the future. Mad respect.


7) This stylish hair-do. 50% shaven, 50% plastic, 100% awesome.


8) Beautiful, extra-terrestrial opera singers with dance skillz to die for. Literally. She died.


9) Sleeping pods for long flights. Yes, please!


10) Poodle hair and leopard print. The future needs Ruby Rhod style.


Ok, friends. I think I’m sci-fied out for a while… The next one on the list better be a romantic comedy or else!

My official reaction:


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