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Culinary30 – Oysters and Beef Tartare


Before we get started on this section of my culinary journey, I’d like to explain to you (one of the reasons) why I am such a picky eater.


Webster’s Anna’s Dictionary defines a “texture eater” as someone who cannot stand the feel of some foods if they are slurpy, mushy, chewy, stringy, creamy, goopy, pulpy, spongey, gloppy, soggy, squishy, gooey, sloppy, grubby, gunky, mucky, grimey… You get the idea, right?

So, yeah. Oysters were a hard thing to swallow (pun intended). On top of that, I tried beef tartare for the first time. Woof.

Overall though, the taste of both of these items was fine. But the texture… I guess my reaction speaks for itself!

Shout out to the waitress at Merchant’s Oyster Bar who had to put up with us for 2 hrs. Youdabest.

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Culinary30 – Horchata FTW!


Summer is here and that means food trucks! We stumbled upon the Guanaco Food Truck recently outside of the Whole Foods at Cambie and Broadway. I’ve had Salvadoran food before, but never Horchata. Lemme break it down for you:

Horchata = Rice + Milk + Sugar + Cinnamon + Love + all combined into a yummy drink.

Not videoed: Me gushing over the vegetarian Pupusa and AMAZEBALLS Yucca fries… See, I don’t hate everything.


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Culinary30 – Sushi and Other Japanese Stuff



As the pickiest, most uncultured eater on the planet, just saying that word made my heart race. BUT, I promised to try 30 new foods for my 30th birthday…

For this Culinary30 challenge, we went to Shiro in the Mt. Pleasant area of Vancouver. It was so packed, we barely squeezed in! Bonus: The bathroom had a lovely bidet. (But like, should I be proud or embarrassed to tell you that this was impressive to me? I’m not sure.)

Anywho… Here’s a quick compilation of my reactions, most of which were unfavorable. Sorry, foodies.

I mean, it wasn’t all that bad. I really loved the tofu thingamajig. Also, the deep fried softshell crab was pretty swell too!


My favorite thing though? This.


Yes, I swear I’m (almost) 30… With the appetite of a 12 year old boy.

More posts from the Culinary30 List to come!

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