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Culinary30 – Happy Birthday. Now Eat Some Stuff…

I’m turning 30 this month and all year long I’ve been brainstorming on how best to honor this momentous occasion. Here were some failed ideas:

1) Drink 30 different milkshakes – This one might still be on.
2) Run 30 miles – Laughable.
3) Have coffee with 30 different strangers – Safety first!
4) Invent 30 new words – They would’ve been dramastically better than anything in Urban Dictionary.

Then, my friend Lin decided to make a list of 30 different foods for me to try…

Cliff Notes Backstory: I’m a picky eater. Like, SUPER picky.

I now give you a quick sizzle reel of what my dinner mates have had to put up with for the past few months:

Yeah. I’m totally cultured now.

If you’re curious on what was on the Culinary30 list, check it out here.

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