When Anna Met Harry & Sally

I’m 30 years old and I just watched “When Harry Met Sally” for the very first time.


To be fair though, it was released when I was 4 years old so, like, layoffme.

I really didn’t know much about the film except for these 2 things:

1) It is a classic romcom
2) It has Meg Ryan(‘s hair) in it

Yup, that’s it. And what a delightful surprise it was to find that this movie was absolutely perfect in so many ways! Here was my experience meeting H & S for the first time:

-When they really meet for the first time. Perfect. 


-That long car ride conversation that also made you think, “Can guys and girls JUST be friends?”. Perfecto. 

-When they meet each other again years later and Sally’s hair is fluffier than ever before (and Harry’s is, well, less fluffier than before). So perfect.


-Then there’s the 3rd meeting of H & S, but this time it’s the beginning of something…


-And their relationship grows… 


-They have lots of fun times…


-And some awesomely embarrassing meals happen along the way…


-Sally’s hair continues to be fluffy and awesome…


-But when Harry finally lays it all out there… Wow. The most perfect thing ever. 


-And then they live happily ever after; Harry and Sally’s fluffy hair. Perfect times infinity. 


My official reaction:


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4 thoughts on “When Anna Met Harry & Sally

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  2. Paul S says:

    When Harry Met Sally was the movie where I first fell in love With Meg Ryan. I once watched it on a date, and couldn’t help moaning and gasping whenever Meg would do something… roll her eyes, deliver a line, laugh… my date continually elbowed me in the ribs and got very agitated. No second date for us, but my love for Meg Ryan movies endures to this day


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