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Well, We’re Waiting…


It’s been a while… SORRY!

A lot has happened since I wrote my last movie reaction post. Most notably, I had a baby! And with a new baby comes a lot of movie watching and Netflix bingeing while nursing. (Hello, sore back and 5 seasons of Dexter!)

I had recorded “Caddyshack” on our DVR months ago from AMC and lucky for me it came with “Story Notes”. This was a pretty fun way to watch the movie for the first time, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites (with GIFs of course!) with you:

1) When director Harold Ramis met Bill Murray, in the early seventies, he was working the concession stand at a golf course.


2) Murray was only on set for six days, and his character, Carl, had no scripted lines. Ramis would just leave the camera on him and let it roll.


3) The gopher scenes were shot way after the film had wrapped to try to tie the movie together. The studio paid over $500,000 to add the mechanical critter to the film.


4) The production designer says the pool “was a dump, full of sludge, slime, and other stuff.”


5) Murray and Chase were not friendly off set. In fact, they once came to blows backstage at “SNL”. But when it came time to film, they acted like complete professionals.


6) During filming, Dangerfield thought he was “bombing” because no one was laughing. Someone finally explained to him that if people laughed it would ruin the take.


7) The production built a fake green between two courses to blow up. Then they sent the golf-course staff to a party and secretly blew it up while they were gone.


8) Dangerfield’s character was based on a guy in New York who had sirens on his car.


9) Golf writer Ron Green Sr.: “Everyone was talking about “Caddyshack” at the golf course, and a lot of people started using the lines right away. It just struck a chord with golfers.”


10) “Caddyshack” was created by most of the same team behind 1978’s comedy smash “Animal House”. The goal was to do the same thing all over again.


Welp, it looks like I’m going to have to watch “Animal House” now… And TBH, Canyon and I hope it’s a bit funnier than “Caddyshack”. 

Our official reaction:

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Hey, You Got This

46 days, 11 hours, and 48 minutes have passed since I became a mother.


Canyon came swiftly into our world 3 weeks early on March 22nd at 8:08am, after 8 hours of intense labor. I gave birth to him at home, holding onto our beat-up Ikea dresser, while the morning sun leaked through the bedroom window. The first hands to touch him were his daddy’s. The second were mine.


For the rest of the world it was just another normal Tuesday. For me, it was the start of one of the greatest adventures of my life: Motherhood. As we stared at our newly minted son for the first time, I felt a weighty responsibility.


Will I be a good mom?
Will I be loving enough?
Tough enough?
Patient enough?
Will I say the right things at the right time?
What if others judge me for my parenting choices?
Do I have to start wearing mom jeans?
Will I lose myself in parenthood?

Will I be like my mom? Or not enough like her?

But just as quickly as those self-doubting questions came, they were replaced with excitement, heart-bursting love, and a self assuredness that I’ve never felt before. It’s like a tiny voice whispered to me, “Hey, you got this”.


I won’t always be loving enough, tough enough, patient enough. I won’t always say the right things at the right time, but I will try. Others will most likely judge me for my parenting choices. I’ll probably lose myself a little and own at least one pair of mom jeans. And best case scenario, I’ll be like my mom.


As I type this one-handed while nursing sweet baby Canyon, I’m feeling pretty stoked about my new title. “Mommy” does have a pretty boss ring to it, doesn’t it? And to all of you new moms who have ever had those same self-doubting questions, let me be the little voice that says, “Hey, you got this”.

Happy Mother’s Day.


(A special thanks to our doula and birth photographer, Jodi Kaldestad, for these beautiful photos. Youdabest.)

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