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Well, We’re Waiting…


It’s been a while… SORRY!

A lot has happened since I wrote my last movie reaction post. Most notably, I had a baby! And with a new baby comes a lot of movie watching and Netflix bingeing while nursing. (Hello, sore back and 5 seasons of Dexter!)

I had recorded “Caddyshack” on our DVR months ago from AMC and lucky for me it came with “Story Notes”. This was a pretty fun way to watch the movie for the first time, so I thought I’d share some of my favorites (with GIFs of course!) with you:

1) When director Harold Ramis met Bill Murray, in the early seventies, he was working the concession stand at a golf course.


2) Murray was only on set for six days, and his character, Carl, had no scripted lines. Ramis would just leave the camera on him and let it roll.


3) The gopher scenes were shot way after the film had wrapped to try to tie the movie together. The studio paid over $500,000 to add the mechanical critter to the film.


4) The production designer says the pool “was a dump, full of sludge, slime, and other stuff.”


5) Murray and Chase were not friendly off set. In fact, they once came to blows backstage at “SNL”. But when it came time to film, they acted like complete professionals.


6) During filming, Dangerfield thought he was “bombing” because no one was laughing. Someone finally explained to him that if people laughed it would ruin the take.


7) The production built a fake green between two courses to blow up. Then they sent the golf-course staff to a party and secretly blew it up while they were gone.


8) Dangerfield’s character was based on a guy in New York who had sirens on his car.


9) Golf writer Ron Green Sr.: “Everyone was talking about “Caddyshack” at the golf course, and a lot of people started using the lines right away. It just struck a chord with golfers.”


10) “Caddyshack” was created by most of the same team behind 1978’s comedy smash “Animal House”. The goal was to do the same thing all over again.


Welp, it looks like I’m going to have to watch “Animal House” now… And TBH, Canyon and I hope it’s a bit funnier than “Caddyshack”. 

Our official reaction:

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Culinary30 – And Dim Sum


This past summer, I had my first Dim Sum experience as part of my Culinary30 challenge. It was also the day I found out I was pregnant so I’d like to think that all the faces I make in the below video are somewhat the cause of a 1st Trimester queasy stomach. Not gonna lie… I ate a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch beforehand just in case of starvation.

For this food adventure, we went to Kirin Seafood on Alberni for brunch.  And WOWIE is that place super fancy. I felt like I should have been wearing a formal dress! Chandeliers at brunch-time have a way of making you keep your elbows off the table while eating your jiggly jellyfish and chewy thingamabobs.

And now, the inspections and reactions to my first Dim Sum experience:

Only a few more left to go before I’m done with Culinary30!

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Mix Tapes < Burned CDs < Playlists


Do you remember the first song that gave you goosebumps?

What song makes you cry EVERY TIME YOU HEAR IT?

What song was playing the first time you held hands with a boy? (This was the “couples skate” song at the local skating rink and since they only ever used one song for that, it happened to be playing for the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th time I ever held hands with a boy.)

What was playing on the stereo when you had your first car accident?

How about the first “our song” you ever had with someone?

What song escorted you to the altar on your wedding day?

How about a song that makes you miss your parents?

Do you know the first song you ever put on a mix tape? I do. 

Yeah. It’s not the greatest song in the world. But as an 11 year old with a tape player, a good as-long-as-I-don’t-move-the-antenna signal to a rock station and a blank cassette, it was EPIC. (I’m pretty sure that song was followed by a Garth Brooks number, but we’ll just let that one slide).

I bring all of this up and break the blogging mold of what I normally write about because my friend Becca recently reminded me about how much I love to share music.

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 5.33.07 PM

It started out with mix tapes with songs recorded off the radio, then in the early 2000’s it was burned CDs decorated with Sharpies and stickers. Now, it’s digital playlists (and still sometimes a CD whenever the need calls for it).

I share music because it connects us; it’s a universal language that everyone speaks. I share music because I want someone to feel the same way I feel when I hear a song that makes me pause and think.  I share music because it reminds me of important times in my life that I never want to forget.

In April, I’ll have a new little person in my life to share music with. In fact, I’ve already made him a playlist or two…

Screen Shot 2016-02-13 at 5.43.31 PM

And I hope he remembers the first song that ever gave him goosebumps. Because I’ll ALWAYS remember the first song I heard when I found out he was joining our family.

Oh and hey Becca. I made this for you:


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