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I’m the Scrooge Here

So, wayyyyyyyyy back in December, I watched the movie “Scrooged”. And guess what?

I hated it.

I really, truly hated it. I’m sorry, people of the internet.

I’d like to think of myself as a Bill Murray fan. I’ve liked almost everything I’ve seen him in (which isn’t a lot because we’ve already established that I’m way behind on movie classics). Because I’m such a fan, I thought I would love this movie. WRONG.

Here’s what I did love about this movie: The Ghost of Christmas Present.

-Because she did this…


-And then this…


-Yup, this too…


-She also did this…


And that’s pretty much what I wanted to do to the person who recommended that I watch this movie. Sorry, I’m not sorry.

My official reaction:


*Disclaimer: I just remembered that my Mom-in-Law suggested I watch this movie. And while I’d NEVER punch her in the face (like, ever), I might think twice before I watch a recommend from her. 😉 Love you anyways, Nancy!

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