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“I Wanna Get Hurt.”

John Cusack.
Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes”
Boomboxes held high.
Teenage angst.
Le sigh.

I’ve been having a lot of conversations lately with my friends about modern dating, why it’s harder to find love as you get older, and how social media and dating websites only make you feel more alone, rather than connected. So, when I watched “Say Anything” on Valentine’s Day for the first time, snug and cozy on the couch with my love of 9 years, I watched it with these things heavy on my mind.

The story of love sick Lloyd pining after (and winning over) beautiful, brainy Diane is the classic base for a 1980’s Rom Com. My first reaction was “Ewww, cheesy”. But as I watched the break up scene in Lloyd’s car, the teenage Anna in my heart (who remembered full well her first love and breakup) felt for them. Remember being young and honest and not afraid to feel? Remember writing love letters and not worrying so much about the consequences? Remember bouncing back from heartache with youthful optimism and the hopeful expectation that next time it would be different? I do. Sure, we all did a lot of crazy and stupid things as teenagers in the name of love. Sure, rejection hurt (a lot). But we were resilient and unjaded and less critical.

That’s what Lloyd reminded me of as he held that boombox high above his head outside of Diane’s window. He reminded me that we should all be a little riskier with our feelings, a little less worried about being “cheesy”, and lot more liberal with our love.

Here’s to the Lloyd Dobler in all of us:


My official reaction:


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