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Culinary30 – Thai Foodz

This is my friend, Lin:


-Lin peer pressured me into doing the Culinary30 challenge. (I wanted to do 30 milkshakes. Like, REALLY BAD.)
-Lin shames me for wanting to eat BLT’s for every meal.
-Lin will eat ANYTHING.
-Lin grew up in Thailand (technically he was born in Burma, but ain’t nobody got time fo geography lessons).


So, for the Thai portion of the Culinary30 challenge, I was in good hands with this veteran. We took ourselves to Kin Kao Thai Kitchen on Commercial Drive for our meal.


I knocked quite a few things off of the list and surprisingly, I liked most of them! The only rule for this meal: No Pad Thai (which I’ve had before).

A big thanks to Linny for getting me outside of my food comfort zone and making me try new things. Also, thanks for taking one for the team and being that Asian dude always taking pictures of food. 😉

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Culinary30 – Bon Appétit


Foy Grass

Yup. That’s how I pronounced Foie Gras the first time I saw it written out. Wanna know what it means? “Fat liver”. Wanna know how it’s made? …No. No, you don’t. (Here’s a link anyways in case you have a heart of stone and a gut of steel.)

Since Foie Gras is traditionally a French cuisine, we took ourselves to Pied-à-Terre in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver. It also happened to be my friend, Ambre’s birthday and just like Foie Gras, she is French! Win win.

Of course I had to try a few other new things while we were there: duck breast and scallops.


And here’s the condensed version of this Culinary30 experience for your viewing pleasure:

Now, let’s just pretend that it really WAS just butter. Liver butter. Duck liver butter. Sad little stuffed baby duck liver butter. Ok, it wasn’t butter at all.

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Culinary30 – Oysters and Beef Tartare


Before we get started on this section of my culinary journey, I’d like to explain to you (one of the reasons) why I am such a picky eater.


Webster’s Anna’s Dictionary defines a “texture eater” as someone who cannot stand the feel of some foods if they are slurpy, mushy, chewy, stringy, creamy, goopy, pulpy, spongey, gloppy, soggy, squishy, gooey, sloppy, grubby, gunky, mucky, grimey… You get the idea, right?

So, yeah. Oysters were a hard thing to swallow (pun intended). On top of that, I tried beef tartare for the first time. Woof.

Overall though, the taste of both of these items was fine. But the texture… I guess my reaction speaks for itself!

Shout out to the waitress at Merchant’s Oyster Bar who had to put up with us for 2 hrs. Youdabest.

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