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That Other John Hughes Film

This past weekend I watched “16 Candles” for the very first time…

Listen friends, I know it’s been 13 years, but lemme tell you what I remember about being 16:


-More Awkwardness







-Butterflies ❤


Now that we’ve taken a trip down teenage memory lane, can we talk about how “meh” this film was? Didn’t John Hughes write “The Breakfast Club” and “Ferris Bueller’s Day off”?! Sigh. I guess they all can’t be amazing.

My official rating:

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Don’t You Forget About Me


Last summer, my friend Sécia took me to the Forever Hollywood Cemetery to see “The Breakfast Club” for the very first time. Considering this movie was released the year I was born, it wasn’t TOO hard to believe I hadn’t seen it yet. (Yes it was.)


Unlike me, Sécia had been raised on this movie. She knew it line for line and the characters were a big part of her childhood. I felt like the creepy twenty-something trying to be friends with the cool highschoolers.

The great thing about “The Breakfast Club” though, is that it addresses those kinds of feelings. It looks you in the eye, points it’s finger at you, and says, “We all feel like we don’t belong sometimes. We’re all messed up teenagers on the inside and that’s ok”. Whoa. That’s some deep stuff right there.

Also, can we talk about that title song? Wowie.

My official reaction:


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