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You’re a Vampire?! Wait ’til Mom Finds Out!


I started off my October by watching “The Lost Boys” for the first time. Like I have said before, I try not to read up on any of the movies on the list and then I watch them with little-to-no context. I was pleasantly surprised when 20 minutes in I realized that this one was about vamps.

TBH, I’ve really only watched “Vampire Diaries” and the “Twilight” series. I know… So, I took this as an opportunity to examine the vampires in “The Lost Boys” and their quality traits. Here’s what I learned:

-Vampires NEED to wear (really cool) sunglasses.


-If you’re immortal, you don’t have to wear a helmet when you ride your motorcycle.


-Also, you can do really stupid things on said motorcycle without fear!


-If you are really good looking and you live in a town called Santa Carla, you’re probably a vampire.


-If you go from being really good looking to really ugly looking at snack time, then you’re definitely a vampire.


-Also, weird mirror reflections = vampire.

-Vampires are bullies.


-They like, can make you think you’re eating maggots instead of fried rice. That’s messed up.

-To become a vampire, you must drink the blood of another vampire in a very sexy way.

-Even vampires are still scared of their moms.

-Lastly, a stake to the heart will kill ‘em every time. In this case, it was some antlers in Grandpa’s taxidermy room. Hey, whatever works!

My favorite part about watching this 1987 classic in 2014 was laughing at all the mullets and leather jackets. Seriously. It was also fun (and frightening) to see the ugly side of vampires. It might have been nice if they had been a little more… romantic? Ugh. I know. I’m pathetic.

My official reaction:

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