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Culinary30 – Pho Shizzle


2010. Los Angeles. I’m the newbie production assistant on a commercial set. The art coordinator suggests to me that we should get pho for lunch… Here are the things that went through 25 year old Anna’s head:
1) What in the dickens is pho?
2) How do you even pronounce that?
3) Can’t I just a get a Subway sandwich instead?

I picked up pho for the rest of the crew and a sandwich for myself. Then someone spilled their beef pho on my kit bag and it smelled like dirty feet for years after that. This began my hate relationship with the dish that I still do not know how to pronounce. (But like, is it “Fuh or Foh”? I NEED TO KNOW!)

Flash forward to 2016. Pregnant Anna cannot get enough veggie pho. Seriously. I ate that stuff no less than once a week Pho Extreme when I was preggo. But, I still had PTSD from that one time back in 2010! So, I added beef pho to my Culinary30 list, along with some weird jiggly bean jello milkshake thingamajig to make things super weird. Whoever called this thing a dessert is a cruel jokester.


I even slowed down my reactions just for you guys. I call this little number “Slow Mo Pho”. (That is if you pronounce it like “Foh”. Sigh. Whatever. You know what I mean.)

I think I’ll just stick w/ my safe veggie pho…



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Culinary30 – Spanish Tapas


1. Itty bitty tiny little expensive plates of Spanish foods that are good for sharing with picky eaters, ’cause they won’t eat as much.  

So, there’s this lovely place on Denman Street in Vancouver called España. And España is where we took ourselves one night after work to cross some things off my Culinary30 list.


As per usual, I liked some and didn’t like some, but all in all this dinner was a fun experience.

And the best part about any meal is DESSERT. Seriously. I’d eat blood pudding 100x just to get some more Dulce De Leche.


Ok, maybe not.

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Culinary30 – Bon Appétit


Foy Grass

Yup. That’s how I pronounced Foie Gras the first time I saw it written out. Wanna know what it means? “Fat liver”. Wanna know how it’s made? …No. No, you don’t. (Here’s a link anyways in case you have a heart of stone and a gut of steel.)

Since Foie Gras is traditionally a French cuisine, we took ourselves to Pied-à-Terre in the Mount Pleasant area of Vancouver. It also happened to be my friend, Ambre’s birthday and just like Foie Gras, she is French! Win win.

Of course I had to try a few other new things while we were there: duck breast and scallops.


And here’s the condensed version of this Culinary30 experience for your viewing pleasure:

Now, let’s just pretend that it really WAS just butter. Liver butter. Duck liver butter. Sad little stuffed baby duck liver butter. Ok, it wasn’t butter at all.

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